Merit Badge Counselor
Mr. E3

April 21, 2020 Virtual Troop Meeting

Hello Scouts!

Here are the final requirements for Space Exploration Merit Badge!

#7 Design an inhabited base located within our solar system

Make drawings or a model of your base. In your design, consider and plan for the following:

  1. a)Source of energy
  2. b)How it will be constructed
  3. c)Life-support system
  4. d)Purpose and function

#8 Discuss with your counselor two possible careers in space exploration that interest you. Find out the qualifications, education, and preparation required and discuss the major responsibilities of those positions.

When you’re ready to talk about the requirements you’ve completed, please email Mr. Erickson ( and one other Scoutmaster or parent and let us know.  We can then set up a time to Zoom or make other arrnagemtns for getting you signed off.

Good Night Scouts!

Mr. E

Here is a link to the entire PowerPoint presentation used throughout the class:

April 14, 2020 Virtual Troop Meeting

Hello Scouts!  Here’s an overview of some of the things we talked about at our April 14th troop meeting
Requirements for this week:
3. (alternative requirement) Make a model of a NASA rocket. Explain the functions of the parts. Give the history of the rocket.
4. Discuss and demonstrate each of the following:
  1. The law of action-reaction
  2. How rocket engines work
  3. How satellites stay in orbit
  4. How satellite pictures of Earth and pictures of other planets are made and transmitted
Additional Resources: 
Reaction wheels to keep Satellites in position 
This is one example, but you can use any NASA rocket
And finally, for the true nerd, here is a video of a rocket plant Tour!
This is a video explaining what I was trying to draw about Newton’s idea of gravity.
Good luck team!

April 7, 2020 Virtual Troop Meeting

This week, please work on requirements 5 and 6.

5. Do the following:
Using magazine photographs, news clippings, and electronic articles (such as from the Internet), make a scrapbook about a current planetary mission.
Design a robotic mission to another planet, moon, comet, or asteroid that will return samples of its surface to Earth. Name the planet, moon, comet, or asteroid your spacecraft will visit. Show how your design will cope with the conditions of the environments of the planet, moon, comet, or asteroid.
6 Describe the purpose and operation of ONE of the following:
a. A crewed orbital vehicle, whether government owned (U.S. or foriegn) or commercial.
b. The international Space Station

For requirement 5 a., PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides, Prezi, or similar product would be a great way to complete this project. You can then email it to Mr. E3 at PLUS ANOTHER ADULT (a parent or another troop leader). If you want to work on paper, you can scan or photograph your work and email it.

For part b. think about all of those problems that will come up in space travel; getting to the planet/moon/comet/asteroid, how big of a rocket will you need to get back, how will you protect your astronaut against solar wind, the lack of air to breath, the lack of water, the extreme temperatures, etc. What will you need to collect a sample? A shovel, balloon, cup, an ice pick, chisel, vacuum, etc. Let your mind wander and try and think of all the challenges!

This is the video of the MER (Spirit and Opportunity rovers) taking off and landing

This is how OSIRIS REx works

Here is a page with a bunch of NASA Missions to choose from

Human Space Flight page

Timeline of space travel by nationality

And finally, the Astronomy Picture of the Day

Good luck and let us know if you have any problems
Mr. E3

March 31, 2020 Virtual Troop Meeting.

Please complete these two requirements for the Space Exploration Merit Badge:
  1. Tell the purpose of space exploration and include the following:
    1. Historical reasons
    2. Immediate goals in terms of specific knowledge,
    3. Benefits related to Earth resources, technology, and new products, Use this link for your research
    4. International relations and cooperation.
  2. Design a collector’s card, with a picture on the front and information on the back, about your favorite space pioneer. Share your card and discuss four other space pioneers with your counselor.
Video link from the class:
Please have these ready to go for the April 7th meeting.  Feel free to share your work via email to Mr. E3 AND A PARENT or another adult from our troop.
Have fun and Godspeed! (Kudos if you know why I wrote “Godspeed” and what it means!)